No. 1
Criminality in Swedish Supreme Court
Debauchery, decadence, lasciviousness and corruption, reign supreme at the very pinnacles of the Swedish justice system (i.e. the Supreme Court; Swedish: "Högsta Domstolen" or HD) as evidenced by the recent criminal act involving Supreme Court Justice ("Justitieråd") Leif Thorsson and the subsequent defense and even commendation by other Justices.

WARNING: The following dialog (from a homosexual forum maintained by the Swedish homolobby) between Supreme Court Justice Leif Thorsson and an adolescent from Stockholm, is full of vulgar and profane language.  The contents of the dialogue as well as the defense by the Chief Supreme Court Justice (Bo Svensson) of the criminal act, is given below for the purpose of giving the reader an insight into how sodomy and its associated corruption of the human spirit have now invaded the highest level of Sweden's judicial system.  Even so, we have felt it necessary to cross out (xxxx) the most vulgar and obscene exchange between Leif Thorsson and the young boy in Stockholm.

Web forum dialog:
When Mr. Thorsson sat down in front of his computer that fateful night, he must have known that it was risky business.  But he had been at the website before and all had gone well.  So with the forum name "Leif 59 GamlaStan" (meaning: Leif, 59, Old Town) he started a conversation (ref.33) with "STHMLung" (meaning: Stockholm, young).

STHMLung: "Young xxxxx  horny guy wants to be seen now in Stockholm"

Justice Thorsson knew all too well that he should not be doing this.  But with the compulsive behavior that's so typical of homosexual men  - a compulsion that greatly contributed to that first fateful explosion of the AIDS epidemic - Thorsson's lust just had to be satisfied.  After all, this was an internet forum sponsored and administered by RFSL, the Swedish gay lobby, who is financed by the Swedish government with taxpayer money.  Although the Justice probably knew that a Swedish Christian newspaper had blown the whistle on this site 3 years before, the risk for him on this night was probably minor.  Or so he thought.  So he entered:

Leif 59 GamlaStan: "I want xxxx now"

STHMLung: "I charge for my service"

Justice Thorsson knew of course that sex trade (prostitution) is still a crime in Sweden.  But he also knew that almost all his buddy Justices on the Supreme Court were strongly opposed to the law and would like to see it rescinded.  This was especially true with his boss, Chief Justice Bo Svensson, who would most certainly come to his defense if he (God forbid) got caught.  So Justice Thorsson wrote:

Leif 59 GamlaStan: Yes

STHMLung: OK, I go along with anything except being xxxxx myself.  It's 500 Swedish Kronor (note: about US$67) and you may continue as long as you want.

We see here how the 20-year young boy wants to avoid being anally penetrated by someone who had identified himself as a 59 year old man.  This could be because he is not yet a full-fledged homosexual himself and is afraid of his organs being damaged and/or he is still emotionally repulsed by it all.  He may be desperate for money.  Maybe hooked on drugs?

Leif 59 GamlaStan: Where are you and what do you look like?

Leif 59 GamlaStan: Your terms are fine.  Where are you now?

Apparently the Justice agrees to avoid anal penetration, a common practice among experienced older homosexual men.  And for him and with his high government salary, 500 SEK is a trivial amount for the anticipated pleasure.  The Justice may know from past experience that once in the room he can offer multiples of 500 SEK to get what he wants and the temptation for a young man, desperate for money, becomes irresistible. 

The Supreme Court Justice then continues:

Leif 59 GamlaStan: Do you like to xxxxx?

STHMLung: I am in xxxxxxx , look cute, 170 cm tall, 65 kg and xxx xx xxx.... I have a car so I can get over to your place fast but I'm coming only if you are really serious.

STHMLung: I like to xxxxx.

STHMLung: We can also meet , if you want, at "Järntorget".

Leif 59 GamlaStan: I would love to xxxxxxx 500 is ok.

STHMLung: Call me at 07xxxxxxxx but only if you are serious.  I don't want to come over to your place and then you're not there......That night Justice Thorsson got busted.  With his pants down so to speak.  At first he denied it all.  Repeatedly and emphatically.  But the conversation (as given above) was recorded and the proof was there.  It's now a public record.  So he finally had no choice but to confess to the crime. 

After Justice Thorsson got busted he was treated with kids' gloves.  A crime of this nature is punishable by up to several years in jail.  But Justice Thorsson got special treatment. 
First of all, there were suspicions of four more crimes of this kind that were never investigated.  Law enforcement early on had the opportunity to seize Thorsson's computer and mobile phone to get the evidence.  But DA (Guntra Åhlund) intervened on Thorsson's behalf.  In Sweden we like to say that we have justice for all.  But, as illustrated by the Thorsson case, the justice is not equal for all.  Your treatment depends on your position of power in society.  Compare Thorsson’s treatment with the case of Leif Liljestrom, the administrator of the website “Bibletemplet”.  His computer was suddenly seized and he was deprived of his livelihood.  For more information on the Liljeström case click here.
It all has to do with: 1) how influential the alleged perpetrator is and 2) whether he opposes the homosexual agenda or embraces it or (better yet) participates in its activities.

Secondly, Thorsson was spared an embarrassing trial and only had to pay a minor fine of 42,250 SEK (about US$ 5,600).  Many of his colleagues on the Supreme Court sympathized with Thorsson.  He had suddenly become somewhat of a hero and trailblazer to many people. But there were also some who thought that such criminal behavior by a Supreme Court Justice was improper.  But the Supreme Court - in its capacity as a self-governing supreme body sitting for life - wanted none of that.

But Mr. Thorsson's biggest problem is not that he got busted.  Nor was it about what charges (if any) would be brought.  Nor whether he would be fired, demoted or promoted or whatever.  No, his by far biggest problem is on the personal level.  Between him, his creator and the 20 year old youngster STHMLung whom he invaded that night.  Whether he will ask them for forgiveness.  Without forgiveness sin always get worse.  Thorsson may think that he got lucky that Guntra Åhlund did not allow the police to seize and search the contents of his computer in connection with his crime.  And that he'll be more careful next time and it won't get repeated.  But it doesn't work that way.  You can't trick God but the Devil can trick you again.  In so many ways.  Without forgiveness, Satan will bind the human soul in even worse bondage. 

In an interview with "Dagens Nyheter" (Daily News) on May 25, 2005, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Bo Svensson, stood up for his and his Court's deeply held moral beliefs. For a look at the interview, in Swedish, click here (ref.34), here (ref.35), here (ref.36) and here (ref.37)

In the interview Bo Svensson stated the following: 

1.  Justice Thorsson's crime was not a serious offense.  If anything it ought to be considered meritorious and not a liability since by committing the crime Thorsson gained "deep knowledge in the subject matter" (verbatim quote: "Tvärtom kan man ju säga att han har djupa kunskaper i ämnet").

2.  Society must understand that men needs sex.  With reference to his own profession, consisting of many older men, he stated: "many widowers in our profession have difficulties getting sex" (in Swedish: "Många änkemän i det här yrket har svårt att få sex").  He then continued to quote a passage from an old Swedish poem (by Gustav Fröding) in which a poor man considers himself forced to go to a whore.

3.  The Chief Justice also stated that he had a recent conversation with his counterpart in Belgium.  The chairman of the Belgian Supreme Court had opined that the Swedish law against prostitution is "weird" ("svenska lagstiftningen är konstig").  The fact that Svensson and the Swedish Supreme Court take their cues from Belgium should come as no surprise.  Belgium and Holland have been more "progressive" than Sweden on many moral issues.  On issues like legalizing euthanasia, legalizing drug use, age of pedophile (12 years) and prostitution they are already on a lower moral level than even Sweden.  But in the area of promotion and recruitment for homosexuality at the schools and in society, Sweden is the most decadent nation in Europe.

4.  Nevertheless, Bo Svensson expressed a little bit of support for our law against the sex trade if it’s limited and applied to young girls from countries in Eastern Europe who are smuggled to west to be used as sex slaves.  "It's a terrible sex trade, no question about that" he stated.  However, such a statement rings hollow in light of the fact that Justice Thorsson recently presided over such a case involving the molesting of a child.  The Justices greatly reduced the sentence (by the Appellate Court) since they did not consider it to be major crime (Swedish: "inget grovt brott").

In any event, Justice Thorsson got away with a minor fine for his crime.  But to compensate him for his embarrassment, the other 11 Supreme Court Justices awarded him a seat on the prestigious “Lagrådet” that he had wanted for some time.