No. 2
RFSL’s Admiration of Immorality in Ancient Greece
From RFSL’s website:

“Then and Now
IN ANCIENT GREECE, the love between older men and younger boys was much appreciated.  In spite of that it’s incorrect to say that lifelong homosexuality was the norm since the goal for the young men was, after all, to get married.  A corresponding form of homosexuality did not exist for women and for slaves.  Therefore, this kind of homosexuality reflects a very patriarchal society.   

The Greek island Lesbos, where the female poet Sapfo taught young girls in the 5th century BC, has given name to the female form of homosexuality.  The word “lesbian” is derived from this name.

Christianity brought a new way to look at sexuality.  The connection to procreation was emphasized and lust was condemned.  Acts of homosexuality became sinful in that it violated the order of creation.
End of quote from RFSL)

Notice how RFSL seems to envy ancient Greek society for their ”much appreciated love between older men and younger boys”.  Here we obviously talk about very widespread pedophilia in ancient Greece.  One cannot but conclude that RFSL regrets that “Christianity brought a new way to look at sexuality”.  They seem to long for the epoch when lust and pedophilia was the norm.

Christianity certainly brought a new worldview where the value of each person was emphasized.  Christianity put an end to the sacrifice of human flesh in gladiator spectacles, an end to slavery and an end to the opportunity for older men express their “highly valued lust to young boys” to satisfy their own vile passions.  Women began to be held in high esteem and a general respect for human life took root.  The family core of mom, dad and children became the healthy cornerstone of society.  And sexual fidelity between the spouses became the desired norm rather than “love between older men and younger boys”, so appreciated in ancient Greece.

In this new Christian civilization, people started to value morality and ethics since they believed that they would one day be held accountable for their actions before their creator.  Account for the responsibility they had shown to their family and other people they encountered in life.  Admittedly, the 2000 years that followed were not perfect.  We had the crusades, the dark middle ages, slavery and periods of promiscuity, drunkenness and general moral decadence.  But such behavior was considered a vice and never considered normal or desirable.  During the 2000 years of our civilization, our world view has usually been based on values strong enough to correct periods of decadence and depravity.  But in our times, in the Western world there is a dramatic shift of a kind never seen before. 

The End of Our Present Civilization?
We now see, for the first time in 2000 years, how decadence and promiscuity is being elevated as something enjoyable and therefore desirable.  At the end of the summer, I read in Dagens Nyheter (tr: “The Daily News”), a major daily in our country, an appeal to their readers to mail to the paper (for publication) stories on how they had been unfaithful to their spouse during summer vacation (“hur du varit otrogen på semestern i sommar”).  This appeal was apparently made so that the readers of the major daily paper could enjoy reading about the wonderful lust and illicit sex.  Such vices have always existed but our civilization as a whole has never before lauded it like it is being done today.  The family structure that has served us so well for 2000 years is now being torn apart right before our eyes.  We now see the end of a very long civilization. 

In the longer perspective civilizations never last forever.  They come and go.  So we should not be surprised.  It’s like a circle.  Each civilization starts with barbarism, followed by tyranny.  But then laws are enacted to govern behavior.  In the beginning under a dictatorship of some kind but from there it moves to political freedom and respect for human life when the members of society reap the fruits of an organized civilization built on honor virtue and support of each other.  But then greed sets in.  Followed by laziness and general unwillingness for work.  Then decadence and vice set in and the breakup of the family.  And that's were we are today?  Breakdown of our civilization on our way to barbarism and the closure of the circle of civilization.