No. 3
Are Homosexuals more often Pedophiles?
This question was brought up by the prosecutor in the trial of Åke Green on January 19, 2005 in the Appellate Court in Jönköping.  The prosecutor, Kjell Yngvesson, stated that there is no scientific support suggesting that homosexual people are more often pedophiles but instead heterosexuals are more likely to be pedophiles.  What a bunch of hogwash, malarkey and baloney !

A correct answer to the question ought to be very important with regards to public policy.  If heterosexuals were indeed more likely to be pedophiles, it follows that certain occupations and activities should be reserved for the homosexuals.  Homosexuals should be the ones who work with our children in nurseries, take the boy scouts on overnight camping trips etc. to decrease the likelihood of child molestation.  But if the opposite is true it's of course the other way around. 

I have already presented in the main text a lot of compelling evidence that any given homosexual person is much more likely to be a pedophile than any given heterosexual person.  Facts are facts and it ought not be covered up in a vain attempt to comply with political correctness if we are dealing with intellectually honest individuals.

Here follows yet another analysis of a very comprehensive data base.  Even though the trend is very apparent, it’s somewhat evasive to arrive at precise numbers for some obvious reasons.  Since pedophilia is still a criminal act and the victims themselves don’t know how or even if it should be reported, much of it still goes on without ever becoming part of the statistics.  And when a molester is caught, it’s not always possible to ascertain his (or her although far less common) sexual orientation.  Especially in our society of political correctness the issue is not always even brought up. 

Both a man and a woman may molest either a boy or a girl.  So there are four combinations.  Two of the four molestation combinations (woman molesting boy and man molesting girl) are heterosexual in nature and therefore typically committed by persons with heterosexual "orientation".  Similarly, the other two (woman on girl and man on boy) are committed by persons with homosexual orientations.

So what's most common?  Heterosexual molestation acts or homosexual molestation acts?  A fairly comprehensive study on this subject was conducted by U.S. Bureau of Justice - Bureau of Justice Statistics in 2000 based on data collected between 1991 and 1996 in 12 states (Alabama, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, North Dakota, South Carolina, Utah, Vermont and Virginia).  These states were part of the NCVS (National Crime Victimization Survey) and the database is known as the NIBRS (National Incident-Based Reporting System).  The name of the study is "Sexual Assault of Young Children as Reported to Law Enforcement: Victim, Incident and Offender Characteristics".  The study was headed by Dr. Howard Snyder and isshown in (ref.11).   The supporting data is in (ref.12).    

Here are the salient points in the study:

1.  Of 57,762 victim-identified offenders the breakdown of the type of sexual assaults are as follows:
forcible rape: 42%
forcible sodomy: 8%
sexual assault with object: 4%
forcible fondling: 45%

2.  Nearly all of the offenders in the sexual assaults reported to law enforcement were male (96%).  Thus, as a reasonable assumption, let's assume that the 4% women had a similar category distribution as the 96% men.
For the men, the "forcible rape" is a heterosexual molestation and the "forcible sodomy" is a homosexual molestation.   

3.  The category percentages (under item 1) are a combination of all the age groups.  But if we consider only cases of sexual assaults with victims under 18 years of age (child molestation), we find (from table 1 of report) that
45.8% of all "forcible rape" fall in this age group.
78.8% of all "forcible sodomy" fall in this age group.
75.2% of all "sexual assault with object" fall in this age group.
83.8% of all "forcible fondling" fall in this age group.

Notice that a full 54.2% (=100%-45.8%) of all “forcible rape” occur on women “18 and over” while only 21.2% (=100%-78.8%) of all “forcible sodomy” occur on men “18 and over”.  This of course reflects the fact that women are still vulnerable to rape (a heterosexual act) at ages when men can physically defend themselves against assault to a much greater extent.

4.  By combining the incident rates from item 3 above with those from item 1 above we find as follows:
45.8% x 42% (from table 1) = 19.2% of all sexual assaults are "forcible rape" on girls (<18 yrs) - i.e. heterosexual molestation.
78.8% x 8% (from table 1) = 6.3% of all sexual assaults are "forcible sodomy" on boys (<18 yrs) - i.e. homosexual molestation. 
75.2% x 4% = 3.0% of all sexual assaults are "assault with object" on either boys or girls (<18 yrs) - i.e. either heterosexual or homosexual molestation.
83.8% x 45% = 37.7% of all sexual assaults are "forcible fondling" on either boys or girls (<18 yrs) - i.e. either heterosexual or homosexual molestation.
From the statistical information presented in the report it’s not possible to ascertain what proportion of the "sexual assault with object" and "forcible fondling" is committed on girls (heterosexual acts) or on boys (homosexual acts).

So, lets consider what we now have: 19.2 % of all sexual assaults are definitely cases of heterosexual child molestation and 6.3% of all sexual assaults are definitely cases of homosexual child molestation.  This equals a ratio of 3:1 (=19.2/6.3) which means that 1 out of 4 (25%) of all cases of pedophilia (child molestations) are by homosexuals and 75% by heterosexuals.  The ratio of heterosexuals to homosexuals in the population at large varies greatly from country to country and from one era of human civilization to the next.  But the statistical database was from 1991 through 1996 in 12 states of the US,  During this time it has been suggested that 2-3% of the population was homosexual.  If we use an average of 2.5% we find that 25% of all child molestations were committed by the 2.5 % of the population who are homosexuals.  This is an overrepresentation of a factor of 10. 

In other words: by using this methodology we find that a “statistical average” homosexual person is 10 times more likely to be a pedophile than a “statistical average” heterosexual person.

As stated above, this conclusion is based on a comparison of criminal records of "forcible rape" and "forcible sodomy" during a 6-year period (1991-1996) in 12 states in the USA.  The result is in line with what has been suggested by a great number of other sources.  For example, check out a recent report by Jon Dougherty titled "Pedophilia More Common Among Gays" (ref.38),

One may always argue how exact the numbers are.  Admittedly, they depend on the particular database available and the methodology used.  But there can be no discussion about the fact that homosexual men are more likely (far more likely) to be or to become pedophiles than heterosexual men.  At least not among intellectually honest researchers.  The evidence is just overwhelming.

The above analysis and similar analyses contain a lot of numbers and statistics.  Numbers are good to demonstrate brute facts.  But numbers can never convey the enormous amount of hurt and human suffering behind the numbers. For additional examples of the trauma that molestation victims have to go through and for resources available to help them recover see (ref.39)

Today many gay lobby groups all over the world are laying the groundwork to lower the “age of consent” for homosexual acts.  It’s revealing that we never hear about any gay lobby group with an agenda to protect our children from pedophilia. Just the opposite.  It’s true that there are heterosexual pedophiles as well.  Sick people.  But you won't find a heterosexual group openly advocating heterosexual pedophilia activities like the homosexual NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association) does.  Nor will you find any heterosexual group advocating the lowering of the age of consent.  And you won't find the heterosexual community going to Thailand to celebrate a heterosexual extravaganza like the gay community does with their "Gay Day" celebration every year.  Thailand of all places with it’s infamous availability of child prostitution.