pre-ref 14  

Ref. 14:
Warning ! lewd language and pictures.
This reference is in Swedish.  It’s from RFSL’s Anal Manual which is the central theme under the title “mostly for boys” on their website.  Translated into your language it reads (in part):

In our classes on sex in our schools we were taught a lot about the sex organs of men and women.  But we didn’t learn much about how the ass looks and about anal penetration. We therefore have to find out on our own and depend on our own experiences to find a satisfying sex life….. Our ‘Fuckshop – simply fun with fuck’ is meant for you who already practice or are thinking about trying anal sex.  We hope that both the experienced and the novice will find joy through our pages. They pages ‘extols the pleasure aspects of anal penetration and that it is not anything to be ashamed of’.  And RFSL recommends among other things “Before you engage in anal sex it’s a good idea to wash your anus and possibly empty your lower intestine.  Some people find it painful if it smells or if there is feces left in the anus….

Note: We have covered over some of the original RFSL photos due to the offensive and graphic nature of the material.

For a look at the original text in Swedish click here (file size 140 k)