pre-ref 15  

Ref. 15:
This reference is in Swedish and is also from the RFSL website.  It illustrates the promiscuous and high-risk behavior among homosexuals and why the next epidemic to hit mankind could happen at any time.  Translated into your language it reads (in part):

We love each other and are tested HIV negative.  We fuck without with each other but with condom with others.  Negotiated security works if both have tested hiv-negative twice with three months in between and had safer sex in between.  It takes up to three months for antibodies to form.  Then you must be in agreement about what rules apply if you meet someone on the side. To then always fuck with condom and immediately tell your partner if you had unprotected sex, is a good agreement.

Note: We have covered over some of the original RFSL photos due to the offensive and graphic nature of the material.

For a look at the original text in Swedish click here (file size: 124 k)