pre-ref 5  

Ref. 5:
This reference is also in Swedish and is taken from the RFSL website.  It talks about some of the anal practices in which homosexual men engage and illustrates one of the main reasons why there is such widespread use of illegal drugs within the homosexual community.

Warning: lewd material!
Translated into your language it reads (in part): 

Licking ass - Rimming
For the non-initiated participant, the meeting between the tongue and the asshole is a mystery, painful and even repulsive.  However, for the experienced participant it’s heaven on earth.  One of the favorite positions among rimmers is when one of them sits hunched above the other’s face and spread his cheeks apart.  By doing so the rimmer can reach with his tongue everywhere.

Note: We have covered over some of the original RFSL photos due to the offensive and graphic nature of the material.

For a look at the original text in Swedish click here (file size: 200 k)