pre-ref 8  

Ref. 8:
This reference (ref.1) is in English and talks about how to find, behave and pay for male prostitutes (including boys) in Thailand, a popular destination for homosexual men.Translated into your language it reads (in part):

About the gay scene.
We wish and intend to make your visit to our gay community as happy as possible….
Most of the Thai-men you will meet are not like you here for vacation, they have their daily life here…..Please remember that the Thai-men you will meet in the bars are working men and your satisfaction and happiness is their income…..You will as everywhere find many kinds of (Thai-) men: masculine men, feminine men, masculine boys, feminine boys and lady-boys. And do not be surprised that some of the Thai-men who go with a gay-tourist are straight……Find out what the Thai-man likes and does not like. Also find out if he will spend the night, or just spend a shorter time together with you….. There may be some flexibility with your payment to the Thai-man. It may involve only sex, staying the night, or perhaps you will have company for your entire holiday…..Payment can be at the end of your adventure, but it is more thoughtful to consider payment as you both go along….
We as western-gay are normally very used to seek sexual contacts just for the pleasure of sex or as a part of seeking love but we are not very prepared that it may involve money. Here that is a reality.
………We hope you will have a really nice time here and that our thoughts will help you to make it even better.

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