homosexuality & the politics of truth                     FRONT DOOR 

(Eleventh printing, 2004)


“A stunning book. Originally trained as a Jungian analyst, Satinover presents a scientific perspective on homosexuality interpreted through a traditional Judeo-Christian viewpoint. This book is both scholarly and philosophical, and is written in a clear style that is at once erudite and passionate.”

-- Joseph Nicolosi, Ph.D.

"Go out and get "Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth," one of the most compassionate, erudite books on the entire subject of homosexuality, whether you're homosexual, straight, undecided, this is a book to read."

-- Dr. Laura Schlessinger

 "Must reading for the millions who, thinking themselves compassionate, have recently come to endorse homosexuality as a legitimate alternative expression of man's sexual nature."

--E.L. Patullo,Ph.D., former Chairman of Behavioral Sciences, Harvard University

"Mr. Speaker, this is about the best book on homosexuality written in our lifetime. It should be read from sea to shining sea."

Hon. Robert K. Dornan, on the floor of the U. S. House of Representatives

Episcopal: "A magnificent and eloquent case for the power of the human will...brilliant; his commitment to truth rings out on every page. [A] ‘garment without seam’ [and a] major step forward in understanding homosexuality and change." Alan Medinger, President, Regeneration Ministries

Jewish: "That one person could have written a volume containing such incisive analysis from such different disciplines is testimony to the author’s wisdom and versatility." Yarden Weidenfeld, Executive Director, Toward Tradition

Scientific: "Dr. Satinover convincingly argues that the growing acceptance of 'alternative sexual lifestyles' is not a function of convincing scientific evidence or compelling moral argumentation. His analysis needs to be heard and heeded today." Stanton Jones, Ph.D., Chairman of the Department of Psychology and Provost, Wheaton College

Scientific: "Courageous, clear and practical. I've lent it out to colleagues already." John R. Peteet, M.D., Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard University, Brigham & Women's Hospital

Catholic: "Reduces to rubble the arguments of [activist-scientists such as] LeVay and Hamer." E. Michael Jones, Editor, Culture Wars.

Evangelical: "Drawing richly from his scientific understanding and spiritual experience, Dr. Satinover has written a penetrating, provocative and, above all, redemptive study. A rare thing: grace and truth gathered together in one place. Needs to be read." Lawrence F. Burtoft, PhD, Public Policy, Focus on the Family.

Catholic: "No one has stated more eloquently the current cultural conflict." Fr. John Harvey, Director, Courage Ministries

Medical: "By far the best, most comprehensive, most balanced and incisive treatment of the subject I have yet seen....A work of grace and truth." Roger Sider, M.D., Medical Director, Pine Rest Hospital

Catholic: "Anyone not in agreement doesn’t belong on the committee [to formulate the  Church's response to homosexuality]." Barbara Vitucci, reporting on Archbishop of Vienna Christoph Schönborn’s response to Dr. Satinover’s analysis.

Scientific: "Rigorous scientific scholarship and clear, passionate prose unite to make this book a rarity in our times." Joseph Nicolosi, Ph.D., President, National Association for Research and Treatment of Homosexuality

Jewish: "A definitive handbook that should be read by every concerned parent, teacher, counselor, minister, Priest and Rabbi - as well as by anyone who, for purely political reasons, has been misled into thinking that there is no way out." Rabbi Daniel Lapin, President, Toward Tradition

Episcopal: "Equally at home in genetics and psychology, Jewish and Christian teaching, Dr. Satinover demonstrates that the ancient [Biblical] viewpoint is astonishingly congruent with what modern science [has] learned about compulsion and its cure." Father Peter Toon, President, Prayer Book Society of the Episcopal Church

Catholic: "The most insightful explanation of the revival of paganism in our time this reporter has ever read." Paul Likoudis, Editor, The Wanderer, April 18, 1996