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Getting It Straight: What the Research Shows about Homosexuality
Getting It Straight: What the Research Shows about Homosexuality (Hardcover)
by Family Research Council of America (Other Contributor)

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13 used & new available from $1.90

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      7 of 10 people found the following review helpful:

      Why are 3% of the populous homosexual?, May 12, 2005
      Reviewer: Alan Montgomery "aRandomTexan" (College Station, TX) - See all my reviews
      (REAL NAME)   
      I got this book to figure out what the current understanding about homosexuality is. The science, not the politics. I wanted to know what the science says as to why there are homosexuals male and female. This book seems to say that no one knows for sure. Gays like to say that gayness is genetic, but the science does not back it up. I have over the years been unable to comprehend the concept of a genetic cause of homosexuality. I kept saying, "Surely it would have disappeared from the species, because homosexuals do not have kids." The research in this book seems to say that homosexuals are about 3% of the populous and very few of them are exclusively gay. The only weakness I saw in the book is that it does not address Lesbians very well. The best guess at this time is that gayness is environmental. Gays arise from some aspect of their home life at a young age.

      I was really interested in how monogamous gay pairings were and it does not appear that they are. After five years, almost all of the relationships studied stopped being monogamous. In addition, gays having 1000+ lovers in a lifetime were not uncommon. That level of different sexual partners appears to cause gays to die in their 50's on average. Illicit drug and alcohol abuse seems to be a major problem in the gay lifestyle as well.

      Another thing I was interested in was how gays treat adopted kids. No answers here either. The science has just not been done. The authors do make a case that just as single parent families are a bad idea, so are gay couples raising a child. You have to wade through quite a bit of verbiage, but the book makes the case that the inability of gays to have a totally monogamous relationship makes it a bad environment to raise kids.

      The book is in the form of a Powerpoint presentation, so can be off-putting. I was looking for information, so it did not bother me. If you want just the facts with no embellishment, then this is the book for you. If you want a lot of political correctness, forget it. The authors believe that gayness is a bad idea and try hard to prove it by showing what they found in the actual experimental science.

      I would say that the authors have tried hard to be rigorous in their presentation. If this were a total hatchet job, then they would not have said, "Don't know.", in some cases. Real science is untidy, so I tend to believe what they are reporting.

      Was this review helpful to you? 

      4 of 9 people found the following review helpful:

      Required Reading, March 14, 2005
      Reviewer: Jeffrey Noah "Jeffrey Noah" - See all my reviews
      Review by Jeffrey Noah

      A fair and open mind imposes a duty to become fully informed on contentious topics. For those who do not want challenges to their politics, this book will be condemned. . For those who want extensive data on the challenges to society from homosexual activism, "Getting It Straight" is required reading.

      Was this review helpful to you? 

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