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Ref. 35:
Some people dared to react negatively to the leniency afforded Thorsson.  The World Today (Sw.: Världen idag) – a daily newspaper wrote (in part) as follows (translated into your language from Swedish):

Sex trading Judge is moved to "Lagrådet"

Leif Thorsson will review and comment on proposed new laws from government and Parliament

My comment: This is an even more prestigious position.  Only a couple of Associate Justices from the Supreme Court serve on "Lagrådet" who together with a few representatives from Parliament review all proposed new laws for compliance with the Swedish Constitution (Sw.: Grundlag).  It’s interesting to note that the recent law - which criminalizes ‘disrespect’ of homosexuals (see ref.29) - was found by the Lagrådet to be in compliance with the Constitution that is supposed to protect freedom of speech and freedom of religion. 

The article continues:

The Associate Justice Leif Thorsson, who purchased sexual favors from a male prostitute, will no longer serve in an adjudicating position on the Supreme Court.  For the next two years he will serve on the Lagrådet reviewing proposed new statutes….Lagrådet has the heavy task of reviewing proposed statutes.  The decision was made Tuesday morning by the Supreme Court.
Chief Justice Bo Svensson comments:
"Isn’t it good that we meet his request.  I believe that it’s an acceptable solution considering the circumstances"...
Leif Thorsson cannot be reached.  He is home sick.  He is expected back in the fall.  The 20-year old male prostitute stated during investigation that he had sold sex to the Associate Justice on five occasions and that he had received between 500 and 1000 Swedish "kronor" each time
 (between US$ 70 and US$ 140 each time; my addition). 

For a look at the original article in Swedish click here (file size: 988 k)