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Ref. 21:
This reference is in Swedish. The material comes from, written by Krister Renard in Uppsala and addresses (among other things) the outrageous and hateful acts by homosexuals against Christians in our country.  About the very rapid sodomization of our beloved country (translated into your language) it reads (in part): 

The development seems to accelerate rapidly.  During “The Cultural Night” in Uppsala on September 19, 1998, they performed a service in the Uppsala Cathedral, where they, among other things, displayed the so-called "Ecce Homo Exhibition".  This exhibition consisted of pictures that showed Jesus, not only in a homosexual environment but as a homosexual himself.  At least I got that impression when I saw the pictures.  To exhibit Jesus in this manner during a service in Uppsala Cathedral must be the ultimate evidence of the depravation that has taken place in Sweden during the last 30 years or so.

And if you then click on the link “Dagens Adrenalinklick” (The daily adrenaline kick) and then on to “Homosexuality: a natural expression of human sexuality, or …..” you’ll find this:

Prior to 1944, homosexual acts between adults were criminalized and was regarded as something unnatural and depraved.  In due course of time the psychological perspective on homosexuality came to dominate, where origin of homosexuality was considered to be a psychological disturbance rooted in traumatic experiences in childhood.  In Medical Encyclopedia (Sw: Medicinsk Uppslagsbok) edition of 1969 by Ack Renander (long considered the standard medical concordance in Sweden) we find the following definition: ”Infirm sexual urge, directed towards the same sex”, and in Norstedt’s Encyclopedia (Sw: Norstedts Uppslagsbok) from 1973, homosexuality was explained as: ”Distorted sexual urge towards same sex. Opposite: heterosexuality, normal sexual urge".

Fast forward to the Pride Festival 2001, the homosexual extravaganza in Stockholm.  In the tent belonging to The Liberal Youth Association (Sw: Liberala Ungdomsförbundet) the main attraction was to throw darts on big photos of Alf Svensson, the Pope and Ulf Ekman (the leader of ‘The Word of Life’; the new charismatic denomination of Sweden).  In this case you can certainly talk about hatred and encouragement to violence, both against selected people and groups of people represented by these leaders.  One may wonder what the reaction in media would have been if a rel igious conference would have a similar attraction with photos of some “Christianphobes” from RFSL with the text: “hit the fags”.  Something like that is of course impossible among people of faith.  However, RFSL does not hesitate to instigate hatred against religious people.  They completely lack tolerance of certain groups of people.

Additional examples of instigation of hatred by homosexuals in Sweden today:  In the youth magazine “Lava”, issued in June 2003 by the City of Stockholm (and thus paid for with taxpayers’ money) showed a cartoon of Siwert Öholm having sex with Alf Svensson.  Under the cartoon they had written the following text, written by the singer and ‘debater’ Ujje Brandelius,  ‘..… it’s all about cleaning up and doing away with a Christian, stale, rotten, male, old stinking damned moral system from the face of our earth’.  The cartoon and the text was reported by Hans-Göran Björk who is, among other things, columnist for the ‘World Today’, (with strong ties to ‘The World of Life’) to both the Secretary of the Justice Department (Sw: Justitiekanslern; JK) and to the Ombudsman for Justice (Sw.: Justitieombudsmannen; JO).  Both of them thought that the expression to ‘ do away with’  was quite acceptable.  Compare that to the severe legal actions against Pastor Åke Green when he spoke out against homosexuality and other sexual sins.

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