References in the text fall in one of three categories (Type 1, Type 2, and Type3).  Within each category the references are listed in the order in which they appear in the main text.

For each type you may also click on the link below to go directly to respective subject.

Type 1: Additional information on selected subject areas listed on sidebar menu


No.2 RFSL’s Admiration of Immorality in Ancient Greece

No.3 Are Homosexuals More Often Pedophiles?

No.4 Excerpts from Dr. Nicolosi’s book “A Parent’s Guide to Preventing Homosexuality” - REF. 3.

No.5 Critique of Hamer’s Research

No.6 Response to the Onslaught of Homosexuality from Religious Groups

Type 2: Information on books which are referenced in the main text
These books are denoted as REF.1 through REF.6 in the main presentation and are as follows:

REF. 1 Jeffrey Satinover, M.D., “Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth”, - Baker Books, 1996
For information about the book click here, and here and here and here.
REF. 2 Peter Sprigg and Timothy Dailey, “Getting it Straight”, - Family Research Council, 2004.
For information about the book click here, and here and here.
REF. 3 Joseph Nicolosi, Ph.D. and Linda Nicolosi, ”A Parent's Guide to Preventing Homosexuality” - Intervarsity Press 2002.
For information about the book click here, and here and here.
REF. 4 Irving Bieber et al, ”Homosexuality A Psychoanalytic Study of Male Homosexuals”  - Vintage Books, New York 1962.
For information about the book click here, and here and here.
REF. 5 Stanton Jones & Mark Yarhouse, ”Homosexuality, The Use of Scientific Research in the Church's Moral Debate, -  InterVarsity Press, 2000.
For information about the book click here, and here and here.
REF. 6 Robert Lerner, Ph.D. & Althea Nagai, Ph.D., ”NO BASIS: What the studies Don't tell us about same-sex parenting” -  Marriage Law Project, January 2001.
For information about the book click here, and here and here and here.

Type 3: Information on articles, research reports and websites referenced in the main presentation and on the sidebars Nr.1 through Nr.6).

ref. 1 Report on shorter lifespan for homosexuals – 1
ref. 2 Report on shorter lifespan for homosexuals – 2
ref. 3 Report on shorter lifespan for homosexuals – 3 
ref. 4 RFSL’s recommendations on how to use illegal drugs
ref. 5 RFSL’s recommendations on how to perform "rimming” and “fisting” (lewd material).
ref. 6 Relationship between suicide and sexual orientation
ref. 7 Rate of pedophilia much higher among homosexual men than among heterosexual men
ref. 8 Recommendations on how to buy pedophile sex i Thailand
ref. 9 Document about the higher probability of pedophilic acts by homosexual men
ref. 10 Two more reports on the much higher frequency of pedophilia among homosexual men
ref. 11 and 12 A 5-year long database from 12 states in the US demonstrating the much higher incidence of pedophilia among homosexual men.  For a detailed analysis of data see sidebar menu item Nr 3.
ref. 13 Report on high frequency of anal sex (61.2% in 1997 and on the increase) among homosexual men and the associated high level of rectal problems
ref. 14 WARNING (lewd material)!  This “Anal Manual” website from RFSL demonstrates how anus looks and what happens in connection with anal intercourse.   According to RFSL the website “extols the pleasure aspects of anal penetration and that it is not anything to be ashamed of. “  RFSL recommends among other things “Before you engage in anal sex it’s a good idea to wash your anus and possibly empty your lower intestine.  Some people find it painful if it smells or if there is feces left in the anus….”
ref. 15 This website from RFSL is evidence of how risky the homosexual lifestyle really is and why AIDS is so easily spread among homosexual men.
ref. 16 RFSL webpage “Who Takes Who” demonstrating how promiscuity is encouraged.
ref. 17 This reference show the voting record of parliament when they passed the statute that opened the door for adoptions by homosexuals.
The decision was proceeded by a long debate with no less than 108 statements (Sw.: “anföranden” under paragraph 10) including many rebuttals.  The statements and rebuttals are numbered 21 through 128.  The voting record is listed under para. 18 towards the end (under LU27;  Partnership, adoption etc.)
ref. 18 Interview by “Världen Idag” (The Word Today) of Lars Ahlin, Chairman of the Swedish Society of Psychologist.
ref. 19 A newspaper article with an ”expert” recommending that boys be encouraged to play with girls’ toys.  Such activities and attitudes greatly contribute to gender confusion and pre-homosexual behavior in the poor boys.
ref. 20 “Childhood Experiences of Homosexual Men” by Dale O’Leary for NARTH
ref. 21 Examples of attacks by the homomafia in Sweden against people who disagree with their agenda.  From by Krister Renard.
ref. 22 Review of book by Kirk and Madsen (After the Ball: How America Will Conquer Its Fear of Gays in the ‘90s)
ref. 23 This is the original report by Bailey and Pillard that was subsequently proven to be wrong and even a fraud.  Notwithstanding this, the report is still referred to by many homosexual activists as proof that homosexuality is to a large extent hereditary.
ref. 24 Report by Bailey-Dunne-Martin that debunks the study by Bailey-Pillad (ref. 23)
ref. 25 This report by Bearman-Bruckner also thoroughly debunked the Bailey-Pillard study, something that one of the two researchers even later admitted. 
Pillard – a homosexual himself – had recruited his sample objects (in the ref. 23 study) through advertisement in homosexual publications and thereby intentionally biased the result. 
ref. 26 This is the original report by Simon LeVay (a homosexual) that has been deliberately misinterpreted in mass media. The report is followed by several rebuttals.
ref. 27 Prime Minister, at the time, Göran Persson, states that, under the new law, it will be criminal to declare homosexuality unnatural.
ref. 28 The Pentecostal Denomination gives the Prime Minister a warm welcome at their annual conference.
ref. 29 The Swedish Supreme Court’s written adjudication of the case of Pastor Green showing disrespect of homosexuals in his sermon.
ref. 30 Why did Germany not invade Sweden in WW II.
ref. 31 Cancellation of Sweden’s participation in joint military training upon finding out that Israel will also participate.
ref. 32 Hamas terrorist group invited to Sweden
ref. 33 Printout of Supreme Court Justice Thorsson’s phone solicitation of homo sex with boy in Stockholm.
ref. 34 ref. 35 ref. 36 and ref. 37 Supreme Court Justice Bo Svensson defending Thorsson’s crime
ref. 38  Pedophilia crime more common among homosexuals
ref. 39  Pedophilia crime by Catholic Priest Paul Shanley
ref. 40  Survey results of people’s faith in God place Sweden at the very bottom
ref. 41  The denomination SMF meets with government reps and confirms their acceptance of homosexual pastors in their denomination.
ref. 42  The denomination SMF favors the new law that criminalizes “expressions of disrespect” of homosexuals.
ref. 43  Homo Ombudsman Hans Ytterberg lectures leaders of denominations that receive financial support from the government, on the requirement to accept homosexuals as pastors.
ref. 44 The government announces plans to check Christian denominations to verify their acceptance of the homosexual agenda.
ref. 45 The leader of the Pentecostal movement, Pastor Hedin, refuses to support Pastor Green who is a member of his denomination.
ref. 46  Pastor Hedin again refuses to support Pastor Green in yet another interview on the very day of his trial.
ref. 47  Pastor Green receives enthusiastic support from Pastor Ekman, the leader of “Livets Ord” (The word of life), the new charismatic movement in Sweden.
ref. 48 ref. 49 and ref. 50  Articles in Filadelfia’s youth magazine “Gyro” about homosexuality
ref. 51 Chrys Caragounis, professor in New Testament exegesis, rebuts the new interpretation of the Bible’s teaching on homosexuality, that had been suggested by K.G. Hammar and Gyro. 
ref.52  Archbishop KG Hammar denies the Virgin birth of Jesus and other passages in the Bible.
ref.53  About how Wejryd (the new Archbishop of the Swedish Lutheran Church who recently replaced retiring Hammar) is not welcome to the summer conference in Ethiopia due to his church's position on homosexual marriages.
ref.54 This reference demonstrates the common connection between homosexuality and pedophilia when Priest Niklas Olaison – one of the many homosexual priests in the Swedish Church – has determined through his “research” that Jesus probably was a homosexual man who approved of pedophilia. The reference is from the premiere issue of a new publication called “Stockholmslife” (Sw. “Stockholmsliv”) issued by the Stockholm diocese of the Swedish Church.